The Dangers of Dampwood Termites

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It’s a fact: dampwood termites are dangerous, especially if you don’t have a termite protection program on the line. They can cause serious structural damage to your home, and the threat is very real for homeowners in Malaysia who live in areas where these insects are prevalent.

This article will provide you with more information about this dangerous pest and how it can affect your home.

Dampwood Termites Can Ruin Your Peace of Mind

Among the dangers dampwood termites can cause to you is ruining your peace of mind. Our mental health is as important as our physical body so constantly overthinking and stressing can be a major detriment to your mental health and well-being.

Termites are not only dangerous because they can cause structural damage, but also because of the stress that comes with them. Reaching out for assistance of a termite specialist when this happens is vital so you don’t let termite infestation become an even bigger problem than it already is.

Nothing ever beats having the peace of mind knowing your home is safe and sound, all thanks to a strong termite protection program.

Your House Will Suffer Because of Dampwood Termites

While dampwood termites do not generally have the ability to fly or jump like other species, they can still enter your home through vents or cracks in foundations that are too small for them to easily crawl into on their own.

They typically travel from one area of infestation to another by following walls underground until they find an opening where they can climb up and explore inside the building. This means there could be any number of possible entry points the pests might use as long as it’s close enough for them to get back down after exploring beyond their point of entrance.

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If left untreated, dampwood termites can cause irreversible damage to your home especially in wood that contains moisture because they thrive in damp environments.

You’re Prone to Accidents With Dampwood Termites

If your foundation such as stairs, floorboards, or areas under your deck are infested with dampwood termites, you might be more prone to accidents. This is because the insects can eat away at these structures and cause them to collapse from underneath you while walking on them or sitting on a chair.

This increases the risk of injury that could lead to serious consequences such as brain damage which may need months if not years worth of rehabilitative therapy in order for it to heal properly.

Termites also create large amounts of dust when they break down wood which means anyone nearby will have their health compromised too, especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

To avoid these things, it’s best to have your home checked by an expert so you can see if termites are living in your property and what the extent of the infestation is.

Dampwood Termites Can Cause Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can lead to a wide range of problems such as mold growth, electrical hazard, and structural issues. With this in mind, it’s vital to take care of roof leaks as soon they’re discovered because the problem will only progress and worsen if left untreated for too long.

Dampwood termites can cause roof leaks when you don’t have a proper inspection system on your homes such as cement mortar rafters or metal sheathing; there is then no separation between drywall, plywood subflooring, underlayments, and soffits which all create places where water can seep into without being detected until it becomes noticeable by homeowners.

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When these pests eat away at wood structures inside the roof, this leads to gaps and cracks which can cause leakage.

You’ll Spend More Money With Dampwood Termites

If you don’t want to spend a huge load of money on home repairs and maintenance, it’s best to take care of dampwood termite infestations as quickly as possible.

The longer they’re allowed to feast on your structures, the more time these pests have to cause structural damage which will only lead you to spend a lot of money in order for them to be repaired.

This can cost anywhere from 500-8000 ringgit or even higher, depending on how bad things are when professionals come in and inspect your property.

The Takeaway

If you want to avoid the dangers of dampwood termites and prevent costly structural damage, it’s time for a termite protection program. The key is having one as soon as possible before your home becomes infested with these dangerous pests.

Homeowners in Malaysia should be especially aware that these insects are prevalent where they live and take steps now to protect their property from harm.

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