How to Install Termite Bait Stations

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Termite infestations are one of the most frustrating things homeowners can face. If you have a termite infestation, then it is important to get rid of these pests as soon as possible.

Luckily, there are many different ways that you can get rid of termites in your home without having to spend money on expensive extermination treatments.

One way to do this is through using a good termite baiting system. In this article, we will be discussing how to install these stations so that they will work properly and help solve your pest problem!

Step 1: Do Some Research on Termite Baiting Stations

Before you head out and make your own termite baiting station, you need to do some research. You will need to find out what kind of bait you want your station to contain, how big the stations should be, and any other important information that is pertinent.

While you’re at it, it’s good to know what kind of termite you’re dealing with too since this will play a huge factor in the kind of bait you use. Once you have gathered all this needed info, you can finally head out and purchase a baiting station!

Step 2: Find The Right Bait For Your Termite Baiting Station

In order to install your termite baiting station correctly, you need to find the right bait first. When choosing a bait for your system, you should go for things that will attract termites such as cardboard, wood shavings, or anything that contains cellulose.

You should also try to find the right bait based on what kind of termite you’re dealing with since different types of termites will be attracted by certain things. For example, drywood termites typically prefer dry and hard wood while dampwood termites enjoy wood filled with moisture.

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Step 3: Install Your Termite Baiting Station

Select a location for your station that is out of reach from children or pets and somewhere it won’t be bothered by sunlight, rain, or other environmental factors.

Once you’ve nestled on a place, you can either set it up under the ground or on top of it. If you choose to set the station under the ground, then make sure that there is at least ten inches between the bait and any surface water sources like rain gutters or downspouts.

If you want your baiting station on top of the ground, place it about one foot up from where termites would normally be. You need to ensure you place both your baits in an area where you usually see termites so they can find them faster.

Step 4: Add In Your Termite Chemical

In order for the baiting system to be effective at killing termites, you need to choose a chemical to apply in your bait which will act as a poison for these little rascals.

Chemicals such as Termidor, termitox, and permethrin are all popular options that homeowners use to get rid of termites. All you have to do is soak your bait in this solution and place them in your station. You may also add a little water to help moisten the wooden bait which often expedites the process of attracting termites.

Step 5: Regularly Replace Termite Bait and Monitor Your Traps

Once you’re all set, all that’s left to do is to regularly replace the bait and monitor your traps. You should also check on them once a week or every two weeks in order to ensure that they are still working properly.

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If you notice a reduction in termite activity, then this means your bait is working well. You can also check the baiting station for termite carcasses. If you find a lot, then it’s time to take clean up the station and set up a new one again.

In a Nutshell

At the end of the day, it’s important to know your options for termite prevention. That means knowing how to install bait stations and what kind of products work best in certain area codes or climates.

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