What is a Termite Queen?

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Termites are one of the worst household pests that anyone could ever have. They chew through wood and create a terrible odor, but what is a termite queen?

A termite queen is the originator of an entire colony of termites. She lays eggs that hatch into male and female workers to help her expand the nest.

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The Role of a Termite Queen

We’ve all been there, enjoying a great day planting in our garden when suddenly we see pale ant-like creatures running around the soil. You stop to wonder what this might be and decide to talk to a specialist in termite control, to your horror you find out it’s termites.

Termites are creatures that feed on wood. Their numbers can expand at an alarming rate and often times would take over a home. Termites are also one of the worst household pests and they cause a lot of damage to homes, including foundation-eating which can ultimately turn into an expensive repair.

These termites have only one thing to thank for and it’s their queen. Termite queens are the original founders of an entire colony. The role of a termite queen is to lay eggs that will become male and female workers who, in turn, expand the nest while foraging food and caring for any young who are born.

As they grow older these worker termites take on different roles within the colony including a soldier, builder, or nymphs which means one day they too may be able to reproduce as well; this cycle repeats over time until a new queen takes her place at the top of the hierarchy once she matures into an adult.

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Termite queens can produce around 30,000 eggs a day, and an entire colony can have up to one million termites and even more.

How to Identify a Termite Queens

Termite queens are known to be the creators of the biggest colonies, and they’re often seen in a dome-like structure that is made of dirt and other material such as wood or paper.

The termite queen often looks pale white or yellowish-white and they’re usually around an inch to two inches long.

You may also see a lot of eggs and larvae found all over this nest, as they lay eggs constantly to help expand the colony even more. You’ll know it’s them when you see yellowish-white or pale balls that resemble rice grains with tiny strands attached to the queen.

Termite Queens vs Worker Termites vs Swarmers

The queen termite is the one that makes termites in a colony. Their only purpose is to reproduce to ensure the survival of their group. The male and female worker termites do all the work within a colony including foraging food, caring for young nymphs, building walls around the nest area, etc.

Swarmers are nymphs that develop wings to fly off and find a mate. These are the only termites that can reproduce, and will often fly near the nest. Once they’ve successfully mated, they will bury themselves in the ground and start building a new colony.

How Long Do Termite Queens Live?

Termite queens can live up to 25-50 years. During their lifespan, termite queens will continue reproducing and laying eggs. They’re essential to the entire colony, and without them, a termite species would not survive.

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Once their time is up, a new queen will take over and begin producing eggs for the colony.

Ways to Remove Termite Queens

To remove termite queens you need to make sure you remove the entire colony. You can do so by using a pesticide or termite powder. Be sure to follow the instructions for both and take your time when performing these treatments, as it’s important that you don’t miss any of them!

You can also use a perimeter treatment around the foundation of your home so that workers will not be able to find their way in with ease, but this is only useful if they’re found on the outside of your house.

To effectively remove these pesky creatures, it’s best to call a professional to get the job done correctly and quickly.

The New Realization

Termites are a pest you want to avoid at all costs. The damage they can do is costly and time-consuming, not to mention the health risks of breathing in mold spores every day.

If you think your home has termite infestations, then don’t hesitate any longer- contact our company for professional termite control services today!

We will inspect your property thoroughly and help get rid of these pests once and for all as soon as possible.