Is My Home Vulnerable to a Termite Infestation?

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Termites are a major problem in Malaysia. They cause billions of ringgit worth of damage each year, and they can do serious harm to your home’s structure, as well as its value.

It is very important that you know if termites have infested your house so that you can call in an expert at termite control to do the necessary steps to get rid of them before they destroy everything you own!

In this blog post, we will discuss some warning signs that indicate your house is indeed vulnerable to termites!

Signs Your Home Is Vulnerable to Termites

You may be wondering what signs you should be looking for when trying to determine if your home is vulnerable to termites. As such, we have listed all there is to know below:

You Have Dead Wood Lying Around Which Termites Love to Eat

One thing that can make your home vulnerable to termites is if you have dead wood lying around. Dead trees and logs are a major food source for these pests since they still contain cellulose, so it’s important that they be removed from your property as soon as possible!

To remove these piles of wood, call in an expert who uses a chipper to grind them up into smaller pieces that can be disposed of safely.

You Have Standing Water Around Your Home That Attracts Termites

Standing water is another thing that can make your home vulnerable to termites, and there are many ways this might happen.

Standing water can occur when you have a leaky pipe, or when water is overflowing from your roof gutters.

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You can also find standing water around the foundation of your house if you didn’t to lay down the appropriate plumbing system for it.

Termites require moisture in order to survive and will get into any area that has an abundance of this! As such, it’s important that you take steps to remove these pools as soon as possible before they do too much damage.

Your House Has Cracks in The Walls Which Encourages Termites

If your house has cracks, gaps and crevices in the walls, then you’re making it much easier for these pests to get in.

Cracks, gaps and crevices are a major entry point because they allow termites easy access into your home.

To make sure that you don’t have any cracks or holes in the walls, we recommend sealing up all of those areas with sealant which will prevent termites from entering through it again.

By doing so, you eliminate the possibility of infestation and can rest assured your home is termite-free!

Wood Shed and Dog Houses are Unchecked For Termites

If you’ve got a dog house or wood shed in your property that’s not treated for termites, then this can make your home vulnerable to an infestation.

Dog houses and wood sheds are a liability and should be checked for termites on a monthly basis. If you’re unable to make these checks yourself, then termites might be an issue you’ll need to deal with.

These critters love to stay in places such as these, especially when it’s made out of wood since wood sheds and dog houses are often dark and damp–making them perfect for these pests!

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Your Home Has Not Been Treated For Termites

If your home hasn’t been treated for termites, the more chances they have to infest it. Usually, when constructing homes, termite chemicals need to be applied to the soil in order to prevent infestation.

If your home is built on top of land that has not been treated for termites, then you’re looking at a major risk factor!

Get your home treated right away if this is the case to ensure no termite finds its way into your house.

In a Nutshell

There are many different ways your home can be vulnerable to termites, and it is important for you to know if they could become a problem.

If you’ve found any of these signs in or around your house, contact us as soon as possible so we can come inspect the property for potential infestations.

Don’t wait until there’s an issue! We’re happy to help with inspections and treatment plans tailored just for you. Let our team provide peace of mind by protecting your family from this potentially harmful pest today.