How to Kill and Get Rid of Dampwood Termites

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Have you ever heard of the term dampwood termite? Did you know that Dampwood Termites are one of the most destructive species around.

According to our specialist in termite control, these creatures can destroy buildings including homes, schools, offices, and other structures in a matter of months without being detected by human senses. The best way to solve this issue is to terminate them completely.

This article will give you all the information you need to kill these pests so that they don’t do any more damages!

Use Boric Acid to Kill Dampwood Termites

Among the best ways to kill dampwood termite is by using boric acid. This substance can be purchased from your local hardware store. Boric acid works by oxidizing the waxy protective coating that covers the insect.

Boric Acid is toxic to dampwood termites, but not poisonous enough for humans and pets. You can sprinkle it around in areas where they live such as behind baseboards near windowsills and doors, beneath floors between joists on window ledges, along fences or walls adjacent to their nests, both inside and outside of buildings.

You should also apply boric acid after any heavy rains so that they don’t get out again when the water settles down. The use of boric acid has been known to reduce infestations by up to 90%.

When using boric acid, it’s good to take precautions, especially when applying it to furniture since this might cause staining if not careful.

Kill Dampwood Termites With Termidor

Termidor is among the most popular termite control products on the market. It works by using a chemical that is not only highly toxic to dampwood termites but also for other types of pests as well such as ants and roaches!

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The product works by melting the pests’ protective coating and then damaging their internal systems. It will be safe for humans in the home while still doing a great job at eliminating dampwood termites!

Termidor can be applied as a liquid spray or by injecting it into walls where they are nesting. The use of Termidor has been known to reduce infestations by up to 95%.

Termidor must always be applied according to its instructions which means spraying it generously near their nests with enough coverage so there are no gaps left uncoated. You should use an insecticide applicator like a hand pump sprayer to apply termiticides like Termidor because these tools give you better coverage and you can spray in hard-to-reach places.

Use Termite Baiting Systems For Dampwood Termites

If you don’t want to deal with chemicals to kill dampwood termites, then you may use termite baiting systems. A bait system is a good way to kill dampwood termites as it draws them in with the use of food then kills them once they are inside.

Termite Baiting Systems use “bait stations” which contain an attractive liquid, either sweet or oily, that attracts the termites and other insects into small deep holes where they eventually die from dehydration or starvation after eating all the bait.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites

There are several ways to get rid of dampwood termites in your property without the use of chemicals. However, this is only possible for mild infestations.

One way to do so is by removing a pile of wet wood, shrubs, and dead leaves that may be near their nests. This will help to starve out the dampwood termites since they are attracted to wet wood.

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Another way is by using a vacuum cleaner around your home; this can suck up all of them in an instant! Although these methods won’t work for stronger infestations, it’s still worth trying before resorting to chemicals.

It’s also a good idea to remove water sources in your area which can highly attract dampwood termites. This includes standing water that has been collected in buckets, potted plants, and animal dishes.

The Conclusion

The information we’ve shared is just a small portion of the knowledge and experience that our team has to offer. If you want more help with your dampwood termite problem or any other pest control issue, contact us for a free quote.

We have specialists who are experts in all types of pests – including dampwood termites. Dampwood termites are actually very difficult to exterminate without professional treatment. Therefore it is wise to get help from a qualified company like us.