What Are Early Signs of Termite Damage?

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Termites are a type of insect that can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. These little critters can eat through wood, leaving it structurally unsound and in need of repair.

The first sign of termite infestation is often the presence of fecal pellets of frass on the floor or walls near their nesting area.

This blog post discusses what other signs there may be, so you can call in a local termite control specialist to help you with your problem!

Termites Cause Hollow Sound Coming From Walls

One of the earliest signs of termite damage is the appearance of hollow sounds coming from walls. A hollow sound may occur because the foundation behind your wall has already been eaten away.

To check for hollow sounds, you may have to knock on the walls as you press your ear against them.

You may perform these tests on areas you suspect the termites may have already invaded, or on areas that are more susceptible to infestation.

If you hear a hollow sound then the wall is probably in need of repair due to termite damage and you should contact a termite control company to check it out as soon as possible!

Tiny Holes In Wooden Furniture Caused By Termites

termite damage on furnitures

Have you ever experienced tiny, round holes in wooden furniture? These are often caused by termites and can be a sign that your home is being infested. Termites will chew through wood to get to the tasty cellulose inside, causing damage to your furniture.

You should also check the area around the hole for fecal pellets or frass, which are a type of droppings produced by these insects.

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Frass can often be seen in small piles near the termite’s nesting area, or in a line going from their nest to where they emerged.

Bubbling Paint Can Be Due to Termites

Bubbling paint can be caused by many reasons but one of the most common ones are termites.

Termites can cause bubbling paint because these creatures are pests that eat through wood. When they do this, the paint on your walls can start to peel off or bubble up from underneath.

This is also due to the fact that termites burrow deep into the wood to regulate temperature and eventually wind up humidifying the space with moisture from their bodies. Paint will bubble and flake as moisture moves through the wood to the paint surfaces.

To check if bubbling paint is caused by termites, you may perform a test to see if it reacts with a chemical called Borax. If the paint bubbles up even more then you know that this is your problem!

Leaking From Roof May be Caused By Termites

termite roof damage

Have you ever experienced watching your favorite TV show and suddenly a drop of water falls from the ceiling onto you? If this happens, then there is a chance that it may be due to termites.

Termites can cause leaking in your home because these creatures can eat through wood quickly. When they do so, your foundation can develop cracks and holes, leading to leaks especially when raining.

To determine whether or not your roof has been damaged by termite infestation, you should inspect the areas near the attic for signs of frass.

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If you find frass or mud tubes in your attic, then that’s a pretty solid sign of a termite infestation!

In Conclusion

The most important takeaway from this post is that it’s crucial to know what are the early signs of termite damage so you can take action and prevent further infestation.

It’s also important to act quickly when you identify a potential infestation because, once they have established themselves in your home, you’ll be risking both your family and property from these critters.

Termite treatment from a professional may be necessary if they just won’t go away!