How to Keep Your Malaysia Home Free From Termites

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Termites can be a big problem for anyone who owns a home in Malaysia. These tiny creatures are attracted to wood and other organic materials, which means they will eventually find their way into your house if you don’t opt for a professional termite control service.

Luckily, this article is going to teach you how to keep termites out of your home so that you don’t have to worry about them any longer!

Remove Standing Water to Stop Termites

One way to effectively keep your home free from termites is to remove all standing water around your property.

As you may not know, termites cannot retain water thus, they constantly need a water source to survive.

Standing water is a perfect environment for these pesky bugs because it provides them with the moisture they need.

To get rid of potential water sources, remove pet water bowls lying around outside, check for leaks in your gutter and have them fixed right away, and be sure to empty any cans that have water in your garden.

This can make your home very vulnerable to termites, so be sure that you take this step in order to keep them out of your property!

Ensure You Trim Your Trees to Avoid Termite Infestation

Your trees can serve as a bridge for termites to cross since these bugs are very good at climbing or moving from one place to another.

This means that anything on your property, including the trees, can be a potential source of termites and other pests to enter your home.

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So it is important that you regularly trim tree branches that touch your roof. You can easily do so by climbing a ladder and using hand pruners to cut the branches.

This will make it harder for these pests to find their way into your property, which is why trimming trees can be an effective termite control solution!

Lessen Chances of Termites By Getting Rid of Dead Wood

If you look at your property and notice a pile of dead wood, logs, or other wood products, you are at a higher risk for termites.

This is because these bugs love to eat dead material and they will do so if it’s in their path or right where they’re living as long as it contains cellulose.

So make sure that your environment doesn’t have any pieces of rotting wood lying around by getting rid of them as soon as possible. You can always donate the items to someone who may need them or take them to a recycling center near you.

By doing so, you lessen the chances of termites entering your home and you can rest easy knowing that you are doing everything in your power to keep them out!

Avoid Shrubs That Touch Your Home to Stop Termites

Shrubs that are touching home can be a potential source of termites, so it is important to avoid them at all costs.

If you have shrubs or plants that are close to your house, consider moving them away from the building by six inches in order to reduce the chances of these pests being able to reach their favorite food: wood!

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This will help keep your property free from unwanted guests and make it much easier for you when inspecting for signs of an infestation. If there’s no sign that they’re on your ground level yet, then things should stay good as long as you don’t feed into their needs with any unnecessary sources such as shrubs.

Inspect Woodsheds For Signs of Termites

If you keep your woodshed on the property, it is important that you inspect for signs of termites or any other pests.

Termites will eventually find their way to this area if they are in need of food and a dry place to live so make sure that there aren’t any visible signs before things get out of control!

When inspecting for an infestation, be sure to use a flashlight and look inside the woodpile as well as among piles near your shed’s foundation.

While you’re at it, you should also check around windowsills, rafters, door frames, siding- both interior and exterior-, crawlspaces below ground level- anywhere where standing water can collect-, garage floors (if present) and open areas such as patios and balconies.

In Conclusion

If you live in Malaysia, termites can be a problem that is difficult to avoid. In fact, termite infestations are very common across the region.

Knowing how to keep your home free from these tiny pests will help preserve its value for years into the future as well as save you money on repairs down the line.

We offer the best termite treatment options so give us a call today at Zip Pest Solutions!

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