Routine Maintenance Tasks That Will Help Protect Your Business From Termites

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Termites are a major concern for many business owners. These pests can cause significant damage to your business, and if they’re not stopped by a termite professional in time, it could end up costing you thousands of ringgit.

So what can you do to protect yourself from termites? The best thing you can do is perform routine maintenance tasks such as cutting back tree limbs that may be touching your property and trimming shrubs away from the building.

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Cut Tree Branches That Touch Your Building to Stop Termites

As a business owner, it’s good to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape around your vicinity. But sometimes that can lead to problems, such as tree branches touching the exterior of a building or coming in contact with pipes or wires leading into it.

If you have this problem, make sure to trim back any offending limbs—you don’t want termites crawling up onto your property! Keep those trees trimmed at least six feet away from anything they could come in contact with on their path over to your building. That way there’s no chance for them getting inside and causing damage to the structure.

Avoid Termites By Clearing Roof Gutters

Roof gutters can build up water, dried leaves and other debris that could serve as a termite food source. Periodically check your gutters and clear them out when necessary to keep the area clean and dry.

If you don’t, it’s possible for water or other types of fluids from the gutter to leak into the property and damage electrical outlets on exterior walls—that can lead to disaster!

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If left unchecked, termites will also find their way in through small cracks due to the leak and make themselves at home. And once they’re there, they’ll have access to all sorts of paper products that are perfect for getting started with building nests or worse yet, chewing up important insulation material within the wall cavity.

Remove All Water Sources to Stop Termites

It’s not just trees and gutters that can provide water to termites. Make sure you clear away any standing water, old plants in the garden or other sources of moisture before they get a chance to start causing damage within your property.

Get rid of anything out there that might be providing these pests with food and water—you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing your business will remain protected for years down the line.

Get Rid of Dead Wood to Avoid Termites

It’s always a good idea to keep your property clear of any dead wood, as it could be an attraction for termites. Get rid of wood that may have rotted in the last few months and make sure you do so before they’ve had time to attract termites.

Dead wood such as logs, shrubs, vines and branches are all great places for termites to live. As long as cellulose is present, they’ll find a way in. And once they have access to the inside, it’s hard for them to be stopped!

Termites may not be able to effect your building immediately, but it only takes months before they start causing significant damage!

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Stop Termites With Termite Repellents

Another way you can effectively protect your business is by using a termite repellent. These products are applied to the outside of your building and will keep these pests away from it or at least make them less likely to be attracted towards it.

Termite repellents may include cedar wood, diatomaceous earth or boric acid which keep termites from crawling up the exterior and taking hold.

If you’re looking for a strong repellent, then consider using one that is a combination of cedar wood oil and diatomaceous earth powder. This product will last a long time when applied to your building’s exterior as it repels both ants and even termites!

Things to Keep In Mind

We hope this post has been helpful in providing you with some important information on the need for routine maintenance tasks. Termites can destroy your property and we want to help keep them at bay by using our state-of-the-art termite treatments. If you have any questions, please contact us!