How to Best Prepare for Termite Season

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Let’s face it, some pests are just more difficult to deal with than others. Termites are undeniably among the most irritating of these creatures.

They cause unfold damage to our homes and businesses and can be very costly if left untreated. When this happens, it’s crucial that you call in an experienced termite exterminator right away.

If you’re looking for information about how to best prepare your home or business for termite season, then this blog post is for you!

Do a Background Check on How Termites Move in Your Area

This is often a step that’s skipped by homeowners but doing a background check about termites in your area is vital, so you can understand how termite colonies work and what causes them to swarm. As a result, you can better protect yourself and your property against these pests.

Remove Pieces of Wood in Your Property That Attract Termites

One way to effectively prepare for the upcoming termite season is to remove pieces of wood in your property. This helps keep termites from burrowing deep under the ground and makes it easier for professionals to identify their presence.

You must take out deadwood, logs, trees, and any other wooden pieces to reduce the risk of termites getting into your home.

Apply a Termite Barrier Around Your Home

Termite Barrier

It’s also crucial that you apply an insecticide around your house before season starts. This helps save time when it comes time for treatment because they’ll already be in place.

To do so, you need to cover the perimeter of your house with a sustainable barrier. This is usually done using an insecticide or chemical, which creates a protective coating around your home.

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This is a proactive measure against these pests and will help keep them at bay from coming near or inside your home through cracks, crevices, entryways, etc.

Regularly Clean Dead Leaves to Stop Termites

When it comes time to clean your yard, be sure to regularly sweep up dead leaves from the ground. Dead leaves can attract termites because the dry leaves are a great hiding place for the insects.

If you’ve got dead shrubs and plants in your garden, it would be best to remove them as well. Termites can’t survive in the heat, so removing dead plants will help to get rid of termite colonies before they start swarming later on this year.

In addition, make sure to remove any fallen wood or branches that may have termites swarming around them and throw it far from your home before they get close.

Avoid Termites By Sealing Up Cracks in Your House

If you’ve got cracks around your house then it’s time to take out your strongest sealant and seal them up for termite season because these pests are persistent.

Termites are small and you might not notice them invading your home before it’s too late. There’s no need to let termites get into your house when it’s so easy and inexpensive to prevent them from doing that in the first place!

In addition, It is also important for you to install a screen door on any doors leading outside, as this can help save against these bugs.

Prepare For Termites By Using Natural Termite Repellents

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep termites out of your house, there are some options available!

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One example is using diatomaceous earth. This substance has been used as an insecticide and pest control measure since the 1940s because it cuts through exoskeleton of insects like termites. When ingested by these bugs, they will start to die from dehydration.

This substance can be sprinkled around doorways and entryways or in cracks where pests may enter into your home.

It’s also possible to use this substance on plants that might attract other bugs which could lead them near your property, so this active ingredient will kill them before they get too close!

In Conclusion

Termites are an annoying pest that can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. To best prepare for termite season, it’s important that you follow the tips we’ve given such as:

Doing some research about how they move in your area and protect against them by removing pieces of wood, cleaning up dead leaves, sealing cracks in the house, and using natural repellents and more.

Get started today with these simple tips! Remember: if you’re really concerned about whether or not you have termites already at work on your property-call us now!