Can Termites Get In Your Bed?

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Termites are well-known pests that can cause extensive damage to your home, but do these tiny littler critters get in your bed?

Termites are silent but deadly creatures that can wind up anywhere in your home as long as wood is present. It’s best to get help from our termite control service team to help you out on this.

This blog post will discuss if termites can sometimes end up in your bed and what you can do about it if they do!

Can Termites Get In Your Bed?

Termites can be scary insects that haunt your sleep at night. These little creatures may be small but they can cause quite the havoc in your home. And that’s not all, termites can sometimes be get in your bed too!

Termite control specialists have said that because these insects are so small they could end up anywhere as long as there is wood present. Termites love to eat and destroy wood furniture which means it won’t take them much to get into the wooden frames of a mattress or box spring.

These critters will start by eating at the wooden frame of your bed and then will feed on the organic material inside. This means not only will they eat the wood but also the cotton, wool or polyester that’s in your mattress and box spring.

If this happens, not only will you have to replace the mattress and box spring but you’ll also have to get rid of some other furniture that’s in your bedroom because they too might be infested.

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Signs of Termites In The Bed

Have you ever experienced waking up with crawling sensations in your bed? If you have, it’s possible that the sensation was caused by termites.

The most common signs of termites in a bed is that you’ll usually feel critters crawling near you, sheets will be stained by termite excretions and you’ll see fecal pellets and frass on the bed linens.

Another sign of termites could be bug bites on your skin since termites are known to bite humans too. If this is happening to you then it’s a sign that these littler creatures are living in or around your wooden frame of your mattress or box spring.

How to Remove Termites From The Bed

If your bed has been severely damaged by termites, it’s best to just throw it out and buy a new one because termites might have left eggs in your bed without you knowing which would lead to another wave of infestation.

On the other hand, if your bed can still be saved, you can easily use a termite spray made of Borax to kill the bugs and then vacuum the bed.

Borax contains boric acid which is toxic to termites and will instantly kill them.

It has no adverse effect on humans but will cause these little critters to die off quickly. This means you won’t have to worry about crawling sensations any more before going back into bed!

For better results, ensure you spray this twice a day until signs of termites have diminished.

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Ways to Stop Termites From Coming Back to Your Bed

If you’re worried about termites invading your bed, there are ways for you to protect yourself from these pests.

To avoid letting them into your home (and bed), make sure there is no visible evidence of any wood anywhere near where they might be found like rotten doors or windowsills.

You can take extra precautions by sealing off any cracks in the wall with a sealant around the seams as well as inspecting anything inside which could potentially contain wood such as fireplaces and shelves made out of wooden materials.

As long as all entrances are sealed then termites shouldn’t find their way onto your property again and they will not be able to invade your bed. You can finally get the peaceful sleep you truly deserve!

In Conclusion

This article has given you some of the most important information about termites that you need to know.

We hope we’ve helped answer your questions and educated you on this topic so that you may be able to make a more informed decision.

If not, please contact us! Our team is ready and waiting to provide a free quote for any commercial or residential property in Malaysia with termite infestation problems.