How to Check for Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a serious threat. They can cause all sorts of problems, not just for your health but also for your family as well. If you want to keep these pests away from your home, then you must learn how to identify them and how to check for bed bugs, so they don’t get inside in the first place!

This article will teach you everything that you need to know about how to detect bed bugs.

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Signs of Bed Bug In Your Home

If you notice you have several itchy bites on your skin that are near to each other, then that is a good indication of bed bugs.

Another sign you might have bed bugs is dark stains on your sheets and pillowcases, which indicate the presence of blood from the bites!

In addition to this, another indicator would be if there were black spots in any areas where they may have been living or hiding out. This is their feces, so it will signify where exactly they’ve been hanging around.

Please take a close look at all parts of your bedroom and other rooms in your house for signs such as these since sometimes that’s how people identify infestations before actually seeing them with their own eyes.

Ways to Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are sneaky pests and can hide for up to several days without food. You need to check their potential hiding spots in order to get rid of them completely. Here are ways to check for bed bugs:

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Check Your Bed and Mattress

The first thing to do is check your bed and mattress. Make sure you inspect the entire surface as well as any crevices or holes where they may be hiding out since these are their favorite spots.

Inspect Your Walls, Door Frames, and Floorboards

Next up, it’s time to look at all of those areas that we just mentioned above, particularly within close range of whatever sleeping area you have in your home.

Bed bugs will often hide there during the day, so this is a crucial step for finding them before they can infest more areas inside your house.

Be thorough through every nook and cranny because if one bug gets away from you, then it could lead to an even worse problem later on down the line.

Examine Bed Side Table, Drawers, and Closets

Don’t forget to check the bedside table as well as any drawers or closets that are near your bed. This is another prime location for them to hide out in, so it’s important that you inspect all of these areas thoroughly with a magnifying glass if possible.

Check Your Laundry For Bed Bugs

In addition to this, another crucial step is checking your laundry. You can do so by washing all of your linens and clothes in hot water since they will perish from heat if you wash them enough times.

You should also dry them because heat from the dryer or the sun (if you prefer hanging your clothes outside) is a common way of eliminating bed bugs in your linens and clothes.

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Look Under the Sofa For Bed Bugs

You may also want to check the sofa as well. If it’s a fabric sofa, then you can shake out any cushions and pay close attention to bugs or eggs falling onto your floor.

On the other hand, if it is a leather couch, then this won’t work, so instead, just lift up the pillows one by one and look underneath them because bedbugs will often hide there since they love tight spaces.

In a Nutshell

It’s important to know how to check for bed bugs in order to protect yourself and your family from the risk of becoming a victim. Bed bug infestations are on the rise, so it’s essential that you learn what they look like and where they might be hiding. This blog post has given you some helpful tips about checking for these tiny pests at home or while traveling. If you have more questions in mind, call us today!