Effective Ways to Tackle Termites in Wooden Furniture

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Termites can be a big problem for homeowners, especially those who have wooden furniture. If you’ve ever had termite damage in your home, then you know how expensive it is to fix and how much of a hassle it is to deal with.

Thankfully there are some effective ways provided by our termite control specialist that can help you tackle termites in your wooden furniture before they become too much of an issue!

This article will teach you about these methods and offer advice on which one might work best for you based on your situation.

Signs of Termite In Furniture

Before we dive into the ways of getting rid of termites, we first need to know the signs of a termite infestation in a piece of wooden furniture. You may check the list we’ve provided below to get a better understanding of what to look out for:

  • If you happen to see saw dust in the base of the furniture or around it, then you can expect termites to be invading it because these dust particles are made up of termite droppings.
  • Another sign you may also see is the wood surface turning grayish in color, which is a hint that it’s being eaten away by these bugs!
  • When mud tubes suddenly appear on the furniture, then it’s a sign that termites are nesting inside of it.
  • If there is an odor around the wood surface or base, this may also be due to these bugs as they release chemicals when eating away at wet and moist substances found in furniture such as glue!
  • One sign that’s really noticeable is wood chippings and holes which appear on wood surfaces and furniture.
  • The last sign is the presence of ants around your furnishings, as they are attracted to insects like termites!
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If you notice any of the following listed above, then expect to have a termite infestation, and it’s best you act immediately.

So now that we’ve seen the signs of these bugs invading our furniture, what can we do? Well, there are many ways of getting rid of them. Head on below to know more about this.

Ways to Getting Rid of Termites in Furniture

Termites can indeed be a huge problem for us, especially when they decide to nest in one of our wooden furniture. These pesky creatures can easily destroy the furniture, and not to mention cause a lot of other problems that we surely don’t want.

If termites end up invading your furniture, you’re not only faced with the need to replace or repair them, but your entire room can be at risk too since these bugs may spread throughout your home, causing a lot of damage.

Thankfully there are some ways that can help us get rid of these bugs from our wooden furniture before they become too much of an issue! Here are some methods which you may consider:

Use a Cardboard Trap For Termites

Cardboard is one of the things termites love to snack upon. If you place this thing near the furniture you’re suspecting to be, these little critters will end up crawling on it and get caught. Once they’ve been lured out, you can either throw it or burn it to effectively get rid of them.

This is a really simple way of tackling these bugs, as you just have to cut the cardboard into strips, place them in a container and soak them in a mixture of apple puree since the sweet scent may encourage them to eat it.

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Expose Furniture to Sunlight to Stop Termites

Another way to get rid of termites in furniture is by exposing it to direct sunlight for a few hours. These insects are afraid of the light and heat, so they’ll end up leaving their host and head elsewhere – which will stop them from further eating away at it!

This method can work well if you happen to live near areas where there aren’t many trees to provide shade. The downside though is that this process may take some time before showing any effects, especially if your home doesn’t have natural sunlight available all day long.

Spray Boric Acid on Termites

This is a really effective way of getting rid of termites in furniture because this substance can easily kill them. However, you may have to apply it more than once for the best results.

To do this, just mix the boric acid powder with water until it becomes thick before spraying it on your piece of wooden furniture where the insects are invading. As soon as they come into contact with this liquid, their death will be imminent!

Remove Termites With Cedar Oil

Termites hate the smell of cedar oil! If you want to get rid of them, just place a few drops of this substance on your furniture’s surface and the insects will soon go away.

Cedar contains a special substance that emits a strong smell which these bugs hate, so it’s best to use this as a form of repellent!

The Key Realizations

Termites are an invasive pest that can cause significant damage to your house’s wooden furniture.

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Luckily, we have provided a number of effective ways you can tackle termite infestations in the future and prevent them from happening again.

Contact us today for more information on how we help homeowners find peace of mind with our innovative solutions for termites or if you have any other questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!