Dampwood Termites: Facts, Identification & Control

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Dampwood termites are one of the most destructive wood-destroying insects in Malaysia. Unlike subterranean termites, dampwood termite colonies live largely out in the open and can be found throughout the country.

This article will discuss how they differ from other termite species, their transmission, and control methods, as well as provide some basic facts about them. Read below to know more!

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What Are Dampwood Termites?

Dampwood termites, as their name suggests, often live in areas where it is damp and humid since these termites cannot live without moisture. They often inhabit the earth in damp wood, like old furniture and logs. Dampwood termites are found throughout Malaysia and can be seen out in the open on dead trees or living ones near rivers or other sources of water.

Rather than constructing mud tubes to remain hidden, these termites drill holes and cover them with their feces to ensure a moist environment. This is different from subterranean termites, which live in the ground and usually nest inside walls or other warm places that are dry.

How to Identify Dampwood Termites?

Dampwood termites are much larger than subterranean termites. They measure about 25mm in length and have an oval-shaped head that is narrower than their abdomen. The front of the termite’s body is shiny brown, but they turn dark as they mature.

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To identify one, you should check rotting and damp logs, dead trees, rotting furniture, or other wood debris for these large brown, shiny insects.

How to Kill Dampwood Termites

No one wants to have dampwood termites in their home since these creatures can cause a lot of damage. Controlling them is important, so it’s best to know the most appropriate ways for doing so.

The first way you can kill these termites is by using insecticides such as borax or diatomaceous earth – both are toxic and will kill any pests that come in contact with them.

Another option would be to use a chemical solution made from chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid; this method should only be used when there is no risk of explosion (like outdoors).

Lastly, adding pressure-treated wood where dampwood termite infestations have occurred can help reduce their numbers significantly because they don’t like the chemicals found on the lumber.

Other means of killing dampwood termites can also include removing their source of water, getting rid of any rotting wood nearby, and improving the area drainage.

Ways to Prevent Dampwood Termites

The best way to prevent dampwood infestation from happening in the first place is to make sure the wood in your home is treated. You should have professionals inspect your house for dampwood termites and kill them off so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

You may also prevent dampwood termites by sealing cracks in your home’s foundation, installing metal flashing around the chimney or fireplace.

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Adding natural termite repellents such as cedar or cinnamon oil to the foundation can also help.

The New Realizations

Termites are a problem that many homeowners have to deal with. If you’ve just discovered termite activity in your home, it can be hard to know what the next step is or how best to tackle these pests.

Luckily, one of our representatives would love to speak with you about booking an inspection and determining the extent of the infestation before recommending any treatments for dampwood termites. Call today and get of those critters for good!