Causes Of Mosquito Infestations

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance that many people just have to put up with. With the right conditions, mosquitoes can flourish and be quite difficult to control. But what are the causes of mosquito infestations? This blog post provided by mosquito experts in Malaysia will explore the cause of mosquito infestations, so you know how to stop it in its tracks!

Overwatering Plants

When you have a potted plant, it’s important to make sure that the soil dries out between watering.

The reason being is that moist conditions are perfect for mosquito larvae development!

If your water collects in the place of flowerpots or other containers where they can get trapped, this will cause an increase in moisture which can lead to many mosquitoes breeding there.

Overwatering plants not only allows mosquitoes’ eggs to survive but also provides them with constant food sources so when they hatch, their appetites are voracious!

This means more adult mosquitoes are flying around, causing problems and feeding on blood from humans and animals alike.

Standing or Still Water

If you have standing or still water in your backyards, it is important that you get rid of and clean these areas up.

Standing water where mosquitoes can breed is the perfect place for their eggs to lay and hatch!

Even if the area isn’t close to any homes, they may fly over looking for blood meals when hatched, so it’s best not to take chances.

Water in birdbaths or ponds should be checked and cleaned regularly before mosquito larvae develop because once they do, controlling them becomes much more difficult.

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Dirty Gutters

Dirty gutters are another area that should be checked for mosquito larvae.

If the water is stagnant, it creates an excellent environment for mosquitoes to breed and multiply rapidly!

Make sure you check your gutters regularly, so they don’t become a breeding ground for these pests.

Overgrown Garden and Yards

Overgrown gardens, tree holes, and shrubbery are another perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

They can hide in these areas to escape the rain or even just wait out cold seasons.

Mosquitoes don’t have any trouble finding a little bit of shade, so if you leave certain plants overgrown, it’s likely that they will find their way there to lay eggs.

If you want fewer mosquito problems, make sure your yard doesn’t have too much vegetation because this provides more places for them to reproduce!

Drippy Air-Conditions

Many people have air-conditioning systems that drip water which can accumulate in puddles.

This becomes a prime spot for mosquito eggs to develop and hatch, causing large infestations!

Make sure you empty your drip pans regularly or even consider turning them off during periods of high humidity or rainfall, as mosquitoes will be more likely to breed there anyway.

Humid Weather

Humid weather provides mosquitoes with the ideal environment to breed and multiply.

Mosquitoes can develop anywhere from a few days to two weeks depending on many factors such as temperature and humidity so if you know that it’s going to be particularly hot or humid, make sure your house is protected!

Keeping screens shut during these periods of high temperatures will reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around trying to get inside looking for blood meals.

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The New Understanding

Mosquitoes are a common pest throughout the year, but they seem to be more prevalent in warmer months.

They thrive when temperatures and humidity levels rise.

This blog post has discussed some of the most common causes for mosquito infestations, as well as how you can prevent them from happening again next time you need relief from these pesky creatures!

If you have more questions or need more help in preventing mosquito infestations, do not hesitate to give us a call today!